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Jasmine Classic

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Jasmine Tea: A Fragrant Symphony from China


History and Origin:
Jasmine tea is a delicate blend of green tea leaves and fragrant jasmine blossoms, originating from the scenic hills of Fuzhou, China. This age-old tradition combines the purity of green tea with the captivating aroma of jasmine flowers. The tea leaves are carefully layered with jasmine blossoms, allowing them to absorb the sweet floral essence.


Altitude and Authenticity:
Grown at elevations between 500 to 1500 meters, the tea gardens in Fuzhou benefit from the region’s misty climate, enriching the tea with distinct flavors. The authentic jasmine tea thrives in this environment, capturing the essence of nature in every cup.


Taste and Aroma:
Indulge in the soothing symphony of flavors as the subtle sweetness of jasmine intertwines with the earthy undertones of green tea. With a light and refreshing body, the tea offers a harmonious balance between floral and vegetal notes.


Effects and Uses:
Jasmine tea is cherished not only for its aromatic charm but also for its potential health benefits. Known to promote relaxation and reduce stress, it’s an ideal choice for winding down after a long day. Additionally, its antioxidants may contribute to overall well-being.


Tea Ware Pairing:
To fully savor the essence of jasmine tea, consider using a glass teapot or teacup. The transparent vessel allows you to witness the elegant dance of jasmine blossoms unfurling within the water.


Preferred Brewing:
Water Temperature: 75-80°C (167-176°F)
Tea Quantity: 2-3 grams (1-2 tsp) per 250ml (8.5oz) cup
Steeping Time: 2-3 minutes


Embrace the soothing aroma and delicate flavors of jasmine tea, transporting yourself to the serene gardens of China with every sip.